SLAB 1.0
SLAB 1.0

SLAB 1.0

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Who knew the cutting surface industry needed disrupting? 

And disrupt it, the SLAB 1.0 does. This thing is capital S-t-o-u-t. The SLAB team says this is outdoor's toughest portable cutting surface, and we will not argue that. 

Constructed of high-quality HDPE material and has a 24" ruler notched into the surface. In addition, the SLAB 1.0 includes handles, a textured surface and an innovative folding mechanism for added portability. 

Built for fishing, hunting, camping, tailgating, grilling and more.

Dimensions: 24" X 12" X .5" (unfolded), 12" X 12" X 1" (folded)

Weight: 4.4lb

Ships within 1-2 business days from Illinois