Wildland Coffee
Wildland Coffee
Wildland Coffee
Wildland Coffee

Wildland Coffee

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We know, we know. Coffee in a tea bag sounds like a watery cup of MEH. Happy to report this is not the case, and in fact, Wildland coffee is truly one of the smoothest cups of coffee we've had on the trail. It's a cup full of flavor without the bitter finish. 

We highly recommend steeping the bag for the full 8 minutes, and gently pressing the bag with the curved side of a spoon to experience the full flavor of the roast. 

The Wildland Team sources their coffee from Cerrado, Brazil and it's 100% traceable so you know you are getting quality and ethical beans.

The bag and coffee are compostable and the wrapper is recyclable.


-Heat 8oz of water to an almost boil

-Steep the bag for 8 minutes (or to taste)



Light roast- Guatemala

Medium roast- Brazil

Dark roast- Brazil