Airscape Lite 3.5" - Overland Bound

Airscape Lite 3.5"

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Food in. Air out. It's a winning combination on the trail.

The Airscape® Lite features a patented food-preserving technology in a stackable, durable, BPA-free, phthalate-free plastic container body. Simply place your coffee, kibble, oatmeal or other dry goods in them, press the Airscape® lid down to expel air from the container and then seal with the clear top lid. That's it. 

We have had our Airscape® Lite set for 2+ years and have been impressed with their durability and functionality. There isn't a single dry good we have to worry about when we place them in these containers. 12/10 recommend.

Dimensions: 5" X 5" X 3.5"

Weight: 11oz