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    This is our flagship program launched in March 2015 and is now 6000+ Global Members strong.

    $24.99 - $79.99
    One Time Cost - No Annual Fee
    Your Overland Bound Membership begins with a custom numbered vehicle emblem. Each emblem has been laser etched with a unique number that is assigned to you, and this is your Overland Bound Member Number for life. Overland Bound Members...
    • Receive access to Members Only content in the Overland Bound Forums and you are designated as a Member, with a personal number.
    • Placement on the Overland Bound Member Map with the ability to see who is in your area and connect with them.
    • Access to Overland Rally Point to organize, plan, and announce your own events.
    • Access to the Member Event Calendar to see what events are in your area. 
    • Members are first to know about Overland Bound news, live events and new product in the store.
    • And in development now…Overland Bound is developing an entirely new platform and portal to create a richer experience for Members to connect, share and explore together.

      Choose one of these options and support the cause!


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