Holiday 2021 Gift Guide

We've put together a list of essentials to help your nearest and deartest gear up for 2022. From portable power solutions to heirloom quality pieces built to be handed down, here's our rundown of trusted products that are guaranteed to inspire adventure. Let's get to it, shall we?

OVRLNDR Coffee Press by Brutrek

So much of the morning camp experience is centered around coffee. (What's not to love about a warm cup of coffee in your hands as you watch the sunrise?) The team at Planetary Design/BruTrek spent 3 years making a coffee press worthy of remote adventure. Its double walled insulation and 24 oz size makes it the perfect camp kitchen companion, and its rugged durability makes it perfect for rocky terrain, desert landscapes and just about anywhere you roam.

The real kicker is the detachable bottom that allows you to easily clean out your pressed coffee grounds and is secure enough to handle the pressure the press creates when brewing.

Available in Black and Red Rock - Price $45 - Shop Here

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Boreal Saw by Agawa Gear

When it comes to compact efficiency merged with unparalleled functionality, nothing beats the Boreal Saw collection by Agawa Gear. Each saw is engineered to pack fully into itself and fits in compact carrying sheaths for protection. Keep this in your vehicle to clear small fallen branches blocking a trail or to prepare firewood for your campfire. This is a gift perfect for the most rustic and robust traveler in your life.

Available in 3 sizes. Price Ranges from $70 - $145 - Shop Here

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Essential Camp Repair Kit by GEAR AID

GEAR AID has a company mission we can fully stand behind: Repair. Reuse. Renew. The GA team has fully committed to developing repair kits and patches to keep gear in action for as long as possible. The longer a piece of kit lasts, the less gear ends up in landfills.

We also love their Fire Strand 550 paracord and Ni Glo gear markers. This kit comes in two different gear pouches including their handmade pouches from old tradeshow banners. As if we needed more proof GA walks their talk.

Price $60.00 - Shop Here

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iON Boost V8 by WAGAN TECH

The entire iON Boost lineup from Wagan Tech is a powerhouse (so to speak). Wagan has been in the game since 1983 and you can find their founding team running trails on weekends with the best of them. These products have been designed with the overlander or weekendlander in mind.

What makes the iON Boost V8 great? It's size vs output. The iON Boost V8 will turn over any V8 or Diesel 4.3 engine when connected to the vehicle battery. And don't worry about cables. They come with the kit and fit in the soft form case.

When people say "Give the gift of peace of mind", they're talking about gifts like this. You never know when you will need a jump, and it's especially rewarding when you can help make the day brighter for someone stranded by a dead battery.

Price $89.90 - Shop Here

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Beacon Lantern and Open Fire Gloves by Barebones Living

At first glance, items from Barebones can appear to be all aesthetic and no bite. After rolling with the Beacon Lantern since 2017, we are happy to report the opposite; our two Beacon Lanterns are still going strong. The carbiner clip makes attachement to the outside of our reach hatch easy, and the turn dial dimmer makes lighting adjustments a breeze. The lantern comes with a USB recharge cord built in, and can last 200+ hours on low.

Another addition to our kit that we love is the Open Fire Gloves. Full grain cowhide allows you to attend to your fire while protecting your hands and forearms. For those who enjoy cooking over and tending a campfire, these gloves are for you. Or they're a perfect gift for the outdoor foodie in your life.

Price Beacon Lantern $48.00 // Open Fire Gloves $25.00 - Shop the Full Barebones Living Collection Here

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Torre Knives by Castillo Knives

No internet write up or rustic imagery can capture the incredible beauty of the Torre Collection by Castillo Knives. Once you get one in your hands, you will begin to understand how much history went into each piece. And no two pieces are the same thanks to the wide range of woods used on the handles.

Perhaps this antecdotal story will shed light on this knife: We spent time outdoors with our Medical Ambassador Chris Solis late last year. I handed him my personal Torre knife to checkout, and he immediately asked for us to put one aside for him to gift his Father. His Dad was notoriously difficult to shop for, and the Torre Knife in Boccote Wood was a home run on Christmas morning.

They're functional. They're unique. And their price isn't astronomical for quality of this kind. We extra highly recommend.

Price Varies by Wood Type $109.00 - $119.00 - Shop the Castillo Collection Here

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We're obsessed with them, to be honest. Ther's so much to love and they are a GREAT value.


You can find all these products and more in the Overland Gear Store. We've currated a lineup of gear we know to be both high quality and reliable to help you take the guess work out of planning your adventures. Here's to a stellar holiday season, and here's to adventures to come in 2022!


The Overland Bound Team