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    Create an opportunity for overlanders in your area to meet in person.

    Meet other Overland Bound Members and overland enthusiasts in your neck of the woods by hosting a Meet Up! We will support, promote and get the word out to all Overland Bound Members and followers so you can grow your overland network in your area! 

    How We Help:

    • We've created Overland Rally Point for Members to create and share events! To get started, go to Rally Point HERE

    In some cases, Overland Bound HQ will further support your event with free items, stickers, raffle items or help support additional costs. 

    • Once we confirm the date/time/location and review the Meetup guidelines with you, we will send out an Overland Bound Meetup Kit for your event. You’ll receive stickers and other Overland Bound items to pass out and giveaway to attendees.
    • Meetup details will be published on overlandbound.com and listed by region.
    • We will promote the meetup through our online and social channels, and we will email Members in your area.


    • Host is an Overland Bound Member
    • Event is open to Members and Non-Members
    • Location is free to access and in a public space with plenty of parking. (We find coffee shops/cafes in larger shopping centers, local parks, etc. work great.)
    • At least 3-4 weeks notice given to us so we can send out the Overland Bound Meetup Kit,  publish the event on overlandbound.com and promote.

    Interested in additional support? Use our contact form to start the conversation!

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