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    1. How do I get my Overland Bound Member number?
    Member numbers are assigned by the purchase of the Overland Bound Emblem. Each Emblem is uniquely numbered and will be assigned to you permanently. This number reflects Members across all channels: Instagram, Facebook, Forums, Twitter, YouTube… Basically anyone and everyone who believes in the Overlanding movement.
    Member Bonuses: We will be launching products reflecting your number on a semi-regular basis. Again, once your number is yours, it’s yours for life!
    In addition, Members are identified in our forums with a special banner.
    2. What do I do with my Emblem?

    Each Emblem has an automotive grade adhesive backing, allowing you to place it on your vehicle (of wherever you prefer). This Emblem is meant to inspire conversation about getting outside and exploring! If one person asks you about your Emblem, Mission Accomplished.

    3. May I order multiple Emblems with the same number?
    Yes! You may order as many duplicate emblems as needed for your fleet/equipment/etc. Go to the Emblem product page, and when selecting from the drop down menu select “Duplicate”. Make sure to leave your Member number in the comments of the checkout page. This will make ordering your emblem faster.
    Note: Duplicate emblem orders may take up to 2-3 weeks due to the custom manufacturing of each piece.

    4. I’m a Member of the forums. Don’t I already have a Member number?

    Overland Bound Member Numbers are not assigned by Forum number. These Emblems do not require a Forum login to acquire. 

    5. May I acquire a Member Number through other numbered products like the patches?

    No. The vehicle Emblem is the entry point to the Member program. (Trust us. The Emblem is pretty darn cool.)

    6. How do I use the Emblem to continue to spread the word about Overlanding?
    Post. Share. Discuss. Visit our Forums. Surround yourself with community. Get inspired, and share that inspiration with others. Live the life of adventure and exploration, and others will gravitate towards you. And most importantly… Get outdoors and go places others don’t think of exploring!