Canyon Instant Coffee - Overland Bound
Canyon Instant Coffee - Overland Bound

Canyon Instant Coffee

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Instant Coffee 2.0: All the goodness of pour over coffee in a fraction of the time.

This Ethiopia Celinga Instant Coffee by Canyon Coffee has quickly become a staple in our outdoor pantry. Just add hot water and each individual packet is quickly turned into an incredibly balanced cup of coffee. Perfect for an early AM roll out, or a quick recharge later in the day. 

Grown by the Celinga farm in the prestigious Yirgacheffe coffee-growing region of Ethiopia. The coffee is roasted, batch-made, and freeze dried to preserve perfect flavor. Canyon Instant Coffee has received high praise and attention from Bon Appetit, NYMag, and Food & Wine. Ranked #1 Instant Coffee by the NYTimes.

Quantity: 6 individual packets per box

Weight: 2.2oz