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Fieldcraft Minimalist Medic Kit

$ 60.00


  • Fieldcraft Minimalist Medic Kit
  • Fieldcraft Minimalist Medic Kit
  • Fieldcraft Minimalist Medic Kit
  • Fieldcraft Minimalist Medic Kit
  • Fieldcraft Minimalist Medic Kit

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Compact and efficient. Overland Bound has partnered with Fieldcraft Survival, a Northern California based survival and preparedness training company to bring you the Minimalist Medic Kit. This Medic Kit is the culmination of many years of training and active duty on the front lines of some of the most remote regions of the world.  

The Minimalist First Aid Kit was designed, approved, and field tested by U.S. Special Forces operators and subject matter experts. Unlike a standard bulky first aid pack, this sleek 4.5” X 6.5” case is convenient and compact providing you the ability to keep it with you, improving your ability to treat injury in various scenarios. The Minimalist First Aid Kit contains tools to assist with massive hemorrhaging, compress and stop bleeding, treat minor abrasions/blisters, and much more. 

Kit Includes

Synthetic composite molded water resistant case
Compressed S rolled gauze
Rapid application tourniquet
Military cravat with safety pins
Infrared medic patch with velcro fastener
4" x 5 yd. elastic bandage with 2 fasteners
Medical scissors
Splinter removal tool
2" x 2" mole skin, blister repair squares - 4
3" x 4" non stick pads - 2
Medical gloves - 1 pair
Urgent first aid guide
First aid tape 1/2" x 5 yd.
Adhesive plastic bandage - 4
Triple antibiotic ointment .5gm - 4
Alcohol cleansing pads - 4
SPF 30 sunscreen
Natrapel 8 hour insect repellent wipes - 2
Insect sting relief pads - 3
Ibuprofen tab individual packs 200mg - 2
Antacid tab individual packs 420mg - 2
Benadryl tab individual packs 25mg - 2

 Get yours today. Only the prepared survive.