Biodegradable Camp Soap by Izee Native

Biodegradable Camp Soap by Izee Native

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This biodegradable, unscented, all-purpose liquid castile soap may be the only soap you need around the campsite, mountain cabin or your overland truck. This gentle, all-natural formula can be used for multiple functions including washing hands, hair, dishes, and clothing. It can be used in a diluted form to wash fruit and vegetables and is even great for cleaning various indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Made with only 5 ingredients, it features organic Sunflower, Safflower, and Coconut Oils that combine to produce a natural and gentle every day, all-purpose soap. Biodegradable, this soap gives the people who call the outdoors their true home an option for an eco-friendly way of keeping clean on the trail.

Made on the banks of the clear flowing Blackfoot River in Bonner, Montana USA, this liquid soap is made from small, handcrafted batches.

Made with plant-based and organic ingredients.  No synthetic colors or scents are used.  Labels are printed on 100% post-consumer waste recycled materials.