PACT KIT - Overland Bound
PACT KIT - Overland Bound
PACT KIT - Overland Bound
PACT KIT - Overland Bound
PACT KIT - Overland Bound
PACT KIT - Overland Bound
PACT KIT - Overland Bound


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No more dirt covered, half used toilet paper rolls.

The PACT Kit is an all-in-one backcountry bathroom kit for digging a hole and burying your poop. It is ideal for hiking, camping, backpacking, fishing, hunting and other activities that take you to places without bathroom facilities.

How does this kit work? Simple. The power is in the PACT Tabs and Wipes. PACT Tabs use mycelium from fungi to breakdown poop up to 10x faster, and kills bacteria that endangers wildlife, pets and waterways. Drop three in the hole. Fill with dirt. Let nature do the rest.

Important! You should pack out your waste when recreating in any of the following types of areas: arid deserts, the alpine (places where trees do not grow), anywhere that doesn’t allow you to get 200’ from water sources (e.g. narrow canyons), and anywhere that the local regulations mandate pack out methods. When a mandate is in place it is generally because the area receives so much traffic that the soil couldn’t handle the volume of buried waste even with our PACT Mycelium Tabs. Generally, most other areas should be okay to bury. But, it’s always a good idea to research this in advance.

Trifold Case - holds all your supplies  

Storage Pocket - w/ reusable trash bag  

Ergonomic Shovel - for easy digging

Hand Sanitizer - 1oz bottle

PACT Mycelium Tabs - for 20 bio breaks 

PACT Wipes - for 20 bio breaks

Closed Dimensions: 10” Long x 3.5” Wide x 2” Thick

Total Weight: 12.8 ounces (includes all supplies)

(60) PACT Mycelium Tabs

(20) PACT Compressed Wipes

Components made/grown in China, Colorado and South Carolina

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Tri-Fold Case

Stores all the goods. Hang from
a tree or lay flat on the ground.

Storage Pocket

Holds extra bathroom supplies and a washable trash bag in case you need to pack anything out.

Ergonomic Shovel

Easy-to-hold, lightweight and efficient for digging a 6-8” hole.

Hand Sanitizer

Organic, Colorado-made hand
sanitizer to disinfect germs.


60 mycelium tablets. Add three
to the hole to break down poop.

PACT Wipes

20 biodegradable compressed wipes. Each unfolds into a 9”x9” towel when you add water.