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MAXTRAX MKII Gunmetal Grey Recovery Boards

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MAXTRAX MKII Gunmetal Grey falls between Black and Titanium Grey and matches Toyota® Magnetic Grey and Ford® Leadfoot vehicle colors. An excellent choice for a user looking for a subdued color.

The SAFE, SIMPLE, QUICK and EASY vehicle recovery device. Simply put, MAXTRAX is the best vehicle recovery board on the market — and the original! Simply place underneath your tires and idle out of the situation you’re stuck in, no matter if it’s SAND, SNOW or MUD!

Whether you’re retrieving your boat from the water, or your 4WD vehicle out of boggy mud, sand or snow, MAXTRAX is the vehicle extraction tool that can make vehicle recovery quicker and easier.

45” long X 13” wide X 3.5” tall
1150mm long X 330mm wide x 85mm tall

8 lbs per individual MKII // 16 lbs per set of MKII