Zarges Cases

With 80+ years in the aluminum case game, ZARGES has perfected the design and manufacturing of lightweight and strong cases. You can find ZARGES cases in military craft, first responder vehicles, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and in the backs of overland trucks around the world.

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Behind the Brand

Why We Love ZARGES

ZARGES has been in the aluminum game since 1933, and the quality of their cases speak for themselves. We have yet to find a stronger and more lightweight case than the K470 collection, and we worked directly with the ZARGES team to identify the 6 best cases for overlanding.

Sustainability is built into the ZARGES culture, and they are proudly certified as a climate neutral company, helping to ensure opportunities for future generations.

The one major takeaway on these products is this: The old adage "Buy once, cry once" was never more true for the K470 line up. You will never need a new case again. They can truly go any distance you take them, and we're thrilled we can offer them here in Overland Gear Store.

The K470-L used for 27 years by Pepi Culver. Culver travels the world as a ski tech for world champion skiers and carries all of his tools in this case.