Overland Bound Adventure Bundle - Overland Bound

Overland Bound Adventure Bundle

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A full set of awesome. Use these stickers and patches to represent Overland Bound and encourage others to Outfit & Explore! 

1 Adventure is Necessary Patch
1 Adventure is Necessary Sticker
3 Outfit & Explore Stickers Black/White
3 Outfit & Explore Stickers Black/Yellow

Stickers are:

  • Weatherproof: 3 clear coats of Gloss UV-Protective ink over 4 passes of color
  • Silkscreened with 10pt sticker backing

Make sure to tag @overlandbound and #outfitandexplore on Instagram or Twitter!

Overland Bound stickers are awesome to place on your vehicle, tool boxes or hard cases, and are great to give to your friends and folks you meet on the trail. We encourage you to use these stickers for your personal belongings, and ask they not be placed on walls and surfaces in public or privately owned lands and spaces. Thank you!